cross-border payrolling and contracting

Cross-border payrolling and contracting

Mazura takes the administrative pain away from operating in a different country, so that organisations and contractors can concentrate on doing what they do best - delivering their own services.

Mazura provides cross-border payroll, tax advice and contracting
solutions to those wishing to operate within the Netherlands.

Cross-border accounting

Cross-border accounting

This allows recruitment companies and consultancy firms to set up a branch office and operate with ease in the Netherlands, without necessarily having to invest in a physical office and staff.

Cross-border payroll

Cross-border payroll

Mazura provides a specialist cross-border payroll service specifically for organisations which need to manage a contract or temporary workforce in the Netherlands – and for contractors who work in the Netherlands.

Cross-border tax advice and expatriate tax

Cross-border tax advice

We provide a personalised, specialist tax advice service aimed primarily at contractors who are working cross-border – especially those working in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Who we work with

Mazura works primarily with three interdependent communities, helping them to work together in the Netherlands: